R1-R4 (Innovative Results). Four results are proposed to be developed during the project implementation and are targeting HE students, professors and mentors. All the partners will get involved in their development according to their expertise and coordination has been distributed in a balanced manner among the partners.

R1 is intended to be a Critical assessment of the teaching and learning practices in Green Biotech Education, to be coordinated by UVP and delivered the M6; will be support for the development of R2 and for the training materials.

R2 envisages the development of a course syllabus in “Biotech Green Entrepreneurship " to be taught by blended-learning tools to Master and PhD students in Life Sciences/Biotech & Business; will be leaded by UASVMB and expected to be delivered in M16; will be tested in C2 and piloted virtually in R4.

R3 is going to be a guide for the mentors involved in the biotech green entrepreneurial mentorship programs delivered for Life Sciences/Biotech &Business students; will be leaded by UniPG and will rely very munch on the C1 job-shadowing in which professors/trainers/tutors will meet the mentors; it is expected to be delivered also in M16.

R4 is a Portal of Biotech Green Entrepreneurial Ecosystem to be developed by RAU and populated by the other partners; is a key result for the biotech green networking and entrepreneurial ecosystem development; the final version it is expected to be delivered in M21, to be tested immediately in the Summer School.