The EC Green Deal Action Plan has the ambition to make the EU’s economy sustainable, by boosting the efficient use of resources toward a clean, circular economy and by restoring biodiversity and cutting pollution. The green industry helps to solve environmental problems through the development of innovative solutions. In fact, biotechnology itself is one of the most promising sectors to support the sustainability mission (carbon-neutral, digital and circular society). Teaching and promoting sustainable/green practice among biotech stakeholders (education, startups/enterprises, NGOs, etc.) is an important action of the Green Deal Pact. The universities can and should do more, particularly by becoming role models for wider society in their own environmental policies and targets.

Four higher education institutions (HEIs) are involved in the partnership. Three of them (UASVM Bucharest-Romania, UP Valencia-Spain and UniPerugia-Italy) are providers of Biotechnological educational programs, and one (RAU, Romania) is a private university providing Business education. The consortium is joined by a Research&Education Center (MAICh, Greece) accredited as a provider for Master level education in the Agri-Food and Business areas. In addition, a Romanian NGO (CBM), oriented toward professional training and consultancy in biotech and environmental topics, is completing the partnership.